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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 2, 2011 6:20am-7:00am PST

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especially if you're driving a high-profile truck. it is a nice break from the rain, and the wind. >> darya: 6:20 a.m. this story sounds like a scene for a movie. a woman actually climb to the hood of a minivan, a high speeds light friday night traveling 40 mi. before route has spent stop the car. the house bill was driving. they got a fight, so the woman does not want to be identified. she was trying to stop her husband from driving away because she says he came off the drug episode. she says he turns into a monster wind he is on math. let's listen not what's going on.
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>> i was all been on with the tips of my finger. i jumped on the hood of the van, he backed out quickly. when he did that i turned and got stuck. >> darya: social is clinging to the windshield wiper and the side window for 40 mi.. she wanted to share her story to let people know don't use math. in atherton a schoolteacher is on paid leave after rattling a table to get the students' attention. police say it happened, a student called 911 after the teacher rattled the table. the teacher was placed on leave because there was a police response. tralee
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shane has lost his to twin boys. they were taken from his home in l.a. overnight by authorities. they took the kids away after court order was granted to his estranged wife pluck. she is the boy's mother.wife. charlie shees goddesses watch over him and the twins when he is not around. the boys have been taken away from al. turley sheen is asking to talk about the situation. she is still in a drug treatment. the fascination with charlie sheen
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is growing now that he has twitter. he has been posting a few pictures, one of them is with one of his to live and girlfriends. they're holding up chocolate milk. 6:23 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes. hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this!
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try to reattach it. let's hope that is the case >> darya: let's hope so. with the raindrops as we cover this accident live this hot spot, another issue is this snow in the sierra. we have wet roads, they are getting their roads snow over. we're starting to see chain requirements, we looking at this snow pack they were measuring it yesterday. it is 124 percent of normal, 109% of seasonal average. we will be right back.
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>> darya: a double of look at san francisco, the rain has stopped, and on the right-hand
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side the problem at san jose is the wind. i & it is still raining in the north bay jamesug down in the north bay. >> james: some places it is yes. here's the weather right now. steady rain overnight is starting to break up. the storm has broken up overnight, we're dealing with the remnants of it as this cold front passes. once that is beyond our watch area. things will die down and we will get into a scattered showers mix. we see rain in the north bay, up to back a bilvacaville y
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light rain. this is the storm system. of a last 12 hours the center of the storm shot off to the north. we are getting the tail end of it, as you can see fairly clear air behind it. this afternoon the cloud cover should break up that we should see sunshine. right now mild 49 in san francisco, 50 san rafael, south bay 51 san jose, 50 in concord. here's where the highs should be this afternoon. upper 50's, low sixties for the most part. also seen 59 degrees in oakland, hayward, oakland city. further south you are in the '60s. seven day forecast, on,
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off-again showers for today. tomorrow even less than. friday will dry out, sunday and another shot of rain potentially. let's go over to the traffic desk and say good morning to george. >> george: 101 southbound at lincoln just passed north san pedro road. a truck with lumber on the ground. they actually had the cab that was attached to the trailer driver out of the way, will they move this toy truck into position. i was not able to see if there was a hitch on the back end of that truck. but jackie may have picked that up. jackie a wonder if that's what they will do, hook it up to the tow truck? >> reporter: the hope is the tow
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truck will be able to lift up this trailer and dry get out of here. the trailer is not compromised. it has a full load of lumber 45,000 lbs.. they hope to have it cleared out in 20 minutes, you can see the back up is well past lucas valley. this is a bad commute on the best of morning spiri. i think the damay have already been done no matter how long it takes to get this ride out of the area. >> george: as he observes it is backed up will be on locust valley road. you will see it reaches close soocloser to high.
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jackie says they will have it cleared within the next 20 minutes or so. other traffic as we look at the bay bridge in the westbound direction, you can see it is light traffic hardly any back up all goal with the advisory is a place.a wind advi >> darya: apples company will unveil its next generation ipad. >> gabe: couple is taking over to unveil the new ipad. we don't know the name of it so far everyone is calling it the ipad to. we don't know steve jobs will be on stage to unveil the device. he is still on medical
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leave. the ipad wants to remain top tablet they must have tablet. this is what it needs to add. a camera for video chat, better screen, higher resolution. in these to be lighter, the inner, faster. it needs an h p.m. i output. in these to be the same price or cheaper than the existing ipad. they need to get its stores as quick as possible. almost one dozen competing tabloids about to come out to market so they have to get this available quickly. >> darya: some photos that of china has surfaced of what could be the ipad to. these pictures showed off over night. it is
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lamarck, bigger speaker, front and rear facing a camera. we don't all of these are legitimate pictures. maybe that is the next ipad. will have to see. a new target store will be opening. 40th street in the east bay bridge retail center, employs 300 people. not everybody is happy about having a big box store in that area. target has been trying to open a store in the san rafael for several months. many are against that plan. 6:37 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes.
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layoffs. jonathan blum takes a look. >> reporter: in san francisco the school board voted 6-1 to send layoff notices to 500 teachers and administrative by march 15th. the district has to do it even though they don't know what the state budget will look like. this is a worst-case scenario, they will have until may 15th to decide which teachers will actually get laid off. voters could be voting in june whether to extend temporary tax hikes, that could solve the problems to a large degree and have the school district asking teachers to come back. the once it getting notices now will be laid off the worst case comes to pass. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> darya: it could be a more painful year in oakland, the district there could send notices off because they have no
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money. it is a significant jump compared to 60 layoffs last year. they say the increases because of the continuous cuts in state funding. in the past they were able to avoid layoffs by cutting off his employes and support staffs. they say those are not options and more. 6:41 a.m. the san mateo bridge and you can see the roadway is dry, but look at the wind moving the [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil.
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>> darya: 6:45 a.m., apple is expected to unveil its second generation of ipad today. it will happen in san francisco. apple sold 50 million of the are original touch screen
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day two of the anti agas line explosion in san bruno. we are monitoring the hearings in washington d.c.. we are 45 minutes into the hearing spirit city leaders are talking about public awareness programs, and p&g an easing . chile she has loso young boys taken away by authorities--charlie sheen--he spoke earlier this morning that the to year-old twins were removed after court order was granted to was the estranged wife. charlie sheen has
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appealed for her to discuss the situation. he says he doesn't know where the boys were taken. they were taken after the interviews after he introduced his to live-in girlfriend. >> george: we continue to track hotspot. we have had this this able the big rig blocking the to right hand lanes. they have hooked up to the trailer, they want to lift it up, we are not sure if they have a hitch on the back of that or not. they may be able to tow it out themselves. the tractor that lost it is parked up here on the right shoulder. jackie is given as a
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close-up. the trailer was not damaged, the basbest case scenao is that a just lifted up and pull it out. their best case scenario is to have this cleaned up by 7:00 a.m. but the back up is already nearly 2 highway 37. it is a hard back up. just pack this ithe bay bridge, and the westbound ride, the backup continues to grow a little bigger than yesterday. slow from 80 d over cross, and in the south bay, said was a shows it is windy but light traffic on the bayshore freeway northbound. 6:40 a.m. let's find out about the weather. >> james: following the storm is
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really breaking up. not a lot of there to speak of. one little bit of rain falling near mt. tam. shower activity as to make your way along the 80, up to vacaville, we see rains out there as well. further along the east bay, fairly dry, as we move south it has been fairly dry as well. out here in the santa cruz mountains, we are seeing some rain out there but again really light. if we take some samples of a of the rainfall rates, 700 of an inch.0.07 of a. the wind is coming along with this we are dealing with strong
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winds still, half moon bay 25 mi. an hour, oakland 26, still dealing with breezy conditions out there. know that as you head out. we are tracking well north and we are getting the edges of a cold front moving through. not a lot to it it really broke apart in the early morning hours. we will have scattered showers for the rest of the day. quite a bit of water falling in the sierra, as we zoom into lake tahoe it turns into is now appeared along 80. 5,000 ft. we have our winter storm warning in effect for in and around lake tahoe. in terms of temperatures
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50 degrees and san rafael, 56 francisco, 51 in san jose, nice and warm mild start for this morning. this afternoon upper 50's, low 60s and the scattered showers here and there. los '60s through the rest of the week. the next set of rain coming in and on the weekend. >> darya: a mother and two children are required ring after mother was driving her as uv and slipped it. they think she may have been drinking. witnesses saw the accident said the as you be when over the guard rail and crashed. one child was ejected their children condition is unknown at this time. the mother has taken into custody. changes on market street has beehave bee
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to stay. the changes were made to improve traffic and reduce accidents. and they say resulted in improved light rail times, and increased bicycle traffic students wishing to apply for financial aid for fall semester you need to really hurry. the deadline to submit the application, it is march the second appeared that is today. students are encouraged to apply by today because financial aid may be limited so you really have to get the paperwork done today. 6:52 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes spirit alive look at san jose, but so much
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the traffic but the wind. we will be right back.
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>> darya: 6:55 a.m. the 7 day around the bay forecast we have seen heavy rain through the night. some sprinkles over night. tomorrow a chance of showers still wonder. partly cloudy skies friday, saturday. more rain coming in saturday, sunday. chance continuing into next week. let's look at the big board. to we have that shot? the dow is down two points. we are keeping our eye on apple as a big story that apple is unveiling the ipad. it is up by
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$1. bank of america customers were not able to access their accounts online yesterday because of a power outage in the system. it was the second outage in two months. the latest was a result of system upgrades over the weekend. check out your online banking you should be able to get on there today. facebook is a city guide. and no application allows trades users to report basic service issues with just a few clicks of your house. you can access the page with or without an account you can submit basic request or complaints. as we go on a break we want and get a look at a hot spot. >> george: they are getting ready to clear the lanes. it became detached and our goal on
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1 01 south. chp hopes to clear it in just minutes. we'll have it checked under traffic when the news returns.
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>> darya: 7:00 a.m., wednesday morning march the


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